Tipton Roofs supplied by Lyndon Roofing

Lyndon roofing has extended its services to the area of Tipton. Bringing the same quality work in a different area. So what are we about and what is it we do?

We offer a variety of top-of the-range Roofing labour, consisting of:

  • Repairs & Maintenance,
  • Roof Slate and Tiling,
  • Cladding, Fascia and Guttering,
  • Flat Roofs,
  • Green Roofing,
  • Conservatory Warm Roofs.

We hold our selves to high standards and principles which consist of; great customer service, reliability and working to current British standards. Additionally, staff possess CSCS cards and kept up to date with heath and safety ensuring we provide the best to our customers.

What is the dissimilarity between Tile and Slate roofs?

It’s best to know what you’re wanting, before choosing one of our products. That’s why we’ve put together some advisable information on the difference between tiles for roofing and slates for roofing to help give you a better understanding.

Slate and Tile Roofing

Natural slate roofing is known for being durable and often used on traditional homes to maintain the character of the period it was built. It comes in 3 main materials

  • Natural Slate
  • Artificial Slate
  • Zinc Slate

The slate being incredibly durable means the longevity of this material will be sure to last you a long time. Problems only occur through adverse weather, Slates are fixed to a roof most commonly with nails, and are built up in layers. This does mean that they can ‘catch’ in high winds and become damaged but they can easily be fixed by a roofing professional. Natural slate for roofing is made of a fine-grained metamorphic rock. It’s resistant to the general wear and tears you would expect of a roof slate. With a good lifespan, natural slate provides a fantastic, low-maintenance roofing solution.

Tiles are a more cost-effective roofing solution and are found on a lot of newer homes, bungalows, and communal tenement blocks. Roofing tiles are made from either concrete or clay which means that they come in a wide range of designs and colours. These tiles are less durable than slate but are still thought to last around 50 years or so.

Tiles are generally larger than slates and can ‘interlock’ which makes them easier to install. However, for roofing that features chimney points or a skylight, smaller tiles may be needed to better fit the roofing structure. With tiles, there are more options to fit the sizes of different styles of the building.

What are the Benefits?

There is numerous of reasons to choose us. Providing a quality service, here is the advantages of getting your roof done;

  • Increases House Value. With the addition of having the amenity of a new roof, It also increases the value of the property. Wherever you’re looking to sell it in or extend the durability of the residence, It will result in profit.
  • Added Protection. What is crucial in a home? Safety. If the cover of your abode is damaged, leaking or structurally unstable it needs maintenance urgently. Luckily, we provide our services at a quick pace.
  • Energy Efficient & Carbon Footprint Decreases. A new roof can fix these two issues by replacing outdated and worn roofing parts, inputting the latest thermal materials with considering options such as Solar Panels.
  • Guarantees means Less Stress! Lyndon Roofing is endorsed by ‘Which?’. It means we offer exceptional services with the knowledge that you’re in safe hands. Additionally, our staff are fully insured and have CSCS cards that are kept up to date.


Interested? Receive a Quote from us.

The stylish nature of a quality slate roof is unrivaled and with our wealth of experience in the roofing industry, Lyndon Roofing Contractors can guarantee the job is completed to the highest of standards. Contact us now for a quote or telephone us on 07931 767303 to talk to a member of our team.

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